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I hope you can find everything you need. As theDrektor, I have been focused on providing high-quality theatrical direction, set design, performances,  audience satisfaction and more for over 56 years and 66 years involvement in the THEATRE.

I always believed that the production of a quality theatrical piece is a collaboration between director, writer, cast, designers, crew and audience. I TRIED hard to keep my rehearsals friendly and amiable, usually succeeding. This would always be for the sake of the product being presented to the audience. They can detect dissent in a cast.

I always believed Theatre is meant to invoke thought and emotions, up or down. Audiences should leave the theatre discussing the elements of the production they've just encountered, character, plot, resolve, not simply saying - "That was a good play," or "That wasn't very good."  My goal is to make them think. 

A well-done theatrical piece should be one in which the actors reach into the chests of the audience members, removes their hearts for a couple of hours, massages those hearts, makes them feel, laughter or tears, and then returns their hearts and sutures them up for the trip home. 

In addition to directing, I founded the Tucson Alliance of Dramatic Artists (TADA!), a group of talented actors, directors, writers and theatre technicians, dedicated to the advancement of new, original plays with social, human, historical or political relevance. 

Working with John Vornholt, the late-Warren Bodow, and a Board of Tucson Theatre Elites, The Alliance Performance Performance Center of Tucson, a 501(c) non-profit organization, was created.  This  theatre center has been renamed, The Roadrunner Theater Company, after a mutually beneficial agreement, and is still performing 

However, there comes time when one can "see the stage-light."  And, I have seen mine. When I was acting, I always said, 'When it was no longer fun, when it became WORK, I would retire,' and I did. Then, When designing and building sets became WORK, I retired from that. Now, I must say, DIRECTING, the thing I enjoyed most after over 170 productions, has become WORK. 

Therefore, I am directing my LAST PRODUCTION, the FAMOUS old Melodrama, The Drunkard, which will be presented at The Community Theatre, 1881 N. Oracle, Tucson, AZ.August 18 though 27, 2017. I actually performed in the Los Angeles version for one year (My FIRST professional acting gig. It ran for a totals of 52 years), so I thought this would be appropriate as my last production. I hope my friends in Tucson will come and support this efforts. 

For all those who were entertained by any of my productions, if you laughed, cried and thought, THANK YOU. 

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I hope to see you again! 
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